J. S. Bailey

Bobby Roland is about to experience the darkest place he's ever known...

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Who is J. S. Bailey?

J. S. Bailey picked up a pen as a small child and has been writing ever since. If you enjoy a supernatural story filled with suspense and unexpected twists, you're in the right place. Welcome!


Looking for supernatural suspense?                     Look no further...

Praise for The Chronicles of Servitude

"J. S. Bailey has created a mystery/thriller with the perfect sprinkle of paranormal." 
Readers' Favorite
"Bailey has a knack for language, and her sentence structure is to die for (Nerd much? I know)."
Kelsey Keating, author of A Stolen Kiss
"[Servant is] a terrific, involving, fast-paced read. It's also a completely original creation, not quite like anything else you're likely to read."
Matthew Howe, author of Waypoint
"Well written, fast-paced, with memorable characters."
Katie Cross, author of Miss Mabel's School for Girls

Bobby Roland can’t catch a break. 

Less than a week after Bobby takes on the mantle of Servitude—a position granting him the ability to exorcise demons from the possessed—he finds an envelope taped to his door containing an intimidating note and a picture of a strange woman. When a shadowy figure is abducted off the sidewalk down the street from his house, Bobby can’t help but wonder if it’s her. 

Bobby may not be ready to drive out demons, but that doesn’t put a damper on his desire to help those in need. With the aid of his friends and a new supernatural ally, Bobby sets out to find the woman and free her from her captors. 

Little does Bobby know he may have bitten off more than he can chew…