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"Solemnity is a fast-paced thriller all the way to the final period of the final sentence."
​~G.S. Jennsen, bestselling author of Starshine​

​"Suspenseful and riveting, Bailey keeps you on the edge of your seat with Solemnity, her next installment in The Chronicles of Servitude."
~J. E. Reed, author of Running with the Wolves

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SOLEMNITY: Available Now

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J. S. Bailey picked up a pen as a small child and has been writing ever since. If you enjoy a supernatural story filled with suspense and unexpected twists, you're in the right place. Welcome!


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Violent criminals are rising from the dead throughout Oregon—not just in Portland, but in Bobby’s adopted hometown of Autumn Ridge. He teams up with Joanna Halsey, an old acquaintance who knows a few things about the occult, to get to the bottom of the mystery. Together they surmise that these criminals have been brought back to life to complete some terrible task.

Their search for answers takes them to an occultist’s doorstep, where Bobby learns that raising the dead is no difficult feat for those devoted to black magic.

But who would resort to necromancy, and why? Bobby and Joanna must stop them before the dead kill again.

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