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J. S. Bailey

Hello! My name is J. S. Bailey. Welcome to my website!

Many of you may remember me as J. S. Bailey, author of supernatural suspense. I'm happy to announce that I've been branching out into other genres like fantasy and science fiction! I don't want to ever be pigeonholed with my writing. If I'm passionate about a story, I'm going to write it no matter the genre.

My life has changed a lot since my first novel was published in 2011. I'm now part owner of an independent bookstore called Cincy Book Rack, located in Cincinnati, Ohio. It's wonderful being surrounded by books every day! Kind of like working in a magical wonderland.

To date, I have published 8 novels and thirty-two short stories. In my free time, I might be found playing the piano, hiking, eating burritos, or babytalking to my cats.